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Our Services

In the event that a Licensee or employee receives a complaint that needs to be responded to, Complaint Assist will help you. We can:

• Explain exactly what is required in response to the specific complaint;
• Work with the Licensee/employee to gather facts relating to the complaint;
• Obtain witness statements and supporting documentation;
• Assist with the preparation of the response for the investigating team;
• Be the conduit between the Licensee/employee and the regulating body and
• Assist with any ongoing matters that arise from the complaint such as attendance at Tribunal.

Resolution of 'In House' disputes – fact gathering

In addition to providing assistance to Licensees/employees when facing a complaint there are often other 'in house' complaints and disputes that need to be addressed. Here we can assist with:

  • Interagency/customer disputes with no conflict of interest; and
  • Investigation of an 'in house' complaint e.g. a complaint made directly to the Agency/employer by a third party.

We are an experienced and independent team gathering the facts and evidence from the disputing parties and can provide a report to the Agent/business owner to assist in reaching a resolution.


We are based in Auckland but operate nationwide with a team of experienced Licensed Private Investigators who are familiar with the complaints process.


Assist with responding to a Complaint


Received a Complaint? We can help you.

We can take the pressure off you and assist with gathering the information required to respond to a complaint.

We offer a nationwide service.

Independent investigation of disputes


We can assist with resolving interagency disputes with no conflict of interest.

We also deal with 'in house' complaints - with an independent, experienced investigation.