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Complaint Assist has been formed to assist Real Estate Agents in the event they receive a complaint. However, we can assist other businesses in the event that a staff member/contractor/self-employed worker receives a formal complaint that they have to respond to.

Do not hesitate to contact us whatever your business.

aS A REAL ESTATE AGENT - Have you ever had a Complaint?

It is likely that someone at your Agency or business has at some time received a complaint against them.

When a someone finds out that they are the subject of a complaint it often becomes the main focus of their time. It is stressful, time consuming, distracting not only for the person involved but the Agent/Business owner.

We can help you! Often just sitting down, talking through the complaint and working out a plan of how to deal with it is all that it takes. An explanation of the process, providing reassurance that you are not alone will help to relieve the stress and distraction that receiving a complaint often brings.

Why Use Us?

  • Highly experienced in dealing with complaints relating to Real Estate Agents

  • Will take away the pressure allowing the agent to concentrate on work

  • Independent with no conflict of interest

What We Do

  • Assist the recipient of a complaint to respond to the issues raised
  • Assist in the gathering of facts in answer to the complaint
  • Assist in obtaining evidential statements and supporting documentation
  • Assist with any ongoing matters which arise from the Complaint such as attendance at court or disciplinary tribunal
  • Assist with 'in house' complaints or disputes


What they say ......

"This is definitely a person you want by your side when issues arise. She is thorough and very organised and follows a proven process."

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